Wednesday, 24 June 2015


On Tuesday morning it was so cold and misty.
In the swimming pool there were two instructors.  Their names are Emma and Joseph.
Joseph was working with the number 1 group for the people who can’t swim.  I was in group 1.  I was with Mikaela, Malakai, Mei, Opi and Tydre.
The pool was not deep. The water was only up to my chest.  
I learnt how to do a dolphin dive.  Dolphin dive is diving down and going up and down and up.   It was fun because I feel like a dolphin.
At the end of our session, Room 5 had five minutes of free time.   I loved this as I splashed and splashed in the pool before I got out.

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  1. Hi Maris Stella, i am glad that you enjoyed your time in the pool.

    Love Dad.