Wednesday, 4 November 2015

My Joyful Holiday

My Joyful Holiday

In the holidays I went to a family fun day at the netball center. We went to have some fun. I went to spend some time with my family. It was the best thing because everything was for free. I felt like going everyday.

At the family fun day there was candy floss, popcorn and other yummy stuff. I had a sausage roll to eat first because I saw some onions and tomato sauce.

I played on the bouncy castle with my brothers and cousin. She was pushing me around so I could fall. I fell and nearly hit my head on the ground but then my brother jumped out of the bouncy castle and lifted me up in case I hit my head and cry.

I spent a little time with my family. We had a lot of fun and a lot of popcorn. My family had a Tongan flag on their right cheek that was painted. My dad came and played master with me and my cousins. Me and my dad won.

I had a great day, my favorite thing at the family fun day was eating candy floss and going on the car train with a whole lot of children.
I kept waving at my dad. My aunt kept throwing the ball at me because we were playing master and I could get the ball in the hoop all the time.

It was time for the fun day to finish. At the end there was questions for the children. I had to go and answer some questions so I could get a prize. I got a prize but it was only a bottle. My favorite thing was eating the sausage sizzle with onions and tomato sauce.

I had a great day with my cousins at the family fun day. I kept my Tongan flag on my cheek. I kept eating sausage sizzles when I went home. My mum kept telling me not to eat too much because she said I might get fat.

The rest of the holidays I had to clean the house because no one would clean it. My dad said if I clean the house I can go to the pool’s.
So I cleaned the house and then I told my dad can I go to the pool’s. But then he said he’s tired, so I just stayed home and watched t.v and played games on the computer.

My brother said to me if I want to go with him to McDonald's and I said yes straight away. So we went to the McDonald's and then went to my grandma's house and did her gardening.

On the last day of the holidays I went to the pool’s with my family, It was called swimarama, it was the best day ever because we had takeaways to eat. I was going to go back in the pool’s but I had to swim in the pool’s outside.

I had to go home because my lips were getting purple and it meant I was getting cold so I went home and slept.


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