Friday, 23 September 2016

Grandparents poem

Grandparents poem

My Grandma is special to me.

She always respects other like they respect her.

She is always dressed like an angel.

My Grandma never gives up on me.

She says to don’t do the bad things and always choose the right things.

She is always proud of me when I do something good for her.

She has always made me and my sister laugh when she tells stories.

Typing Practice

I did my typing and I got 57 WPM. I am going to try and get 58 WPM so that I can get my work done much quicker.

Timetable Practice

Today I did my timetable practice and I got 48 out of 66. I am going to try and learn my Multiplication, Find Factor, Division, and my Dividend/Divisor.