Thursday, 26 January 2017

Summer Blogging

Activity 2
Create a brand new public holiday for the country.  Use your creativity to come up with a name for the holiday and a short description of how people in the country celebrate the holiday. Do they all get the day off? Do they eat special foods or go to special events to mark the day?
I would create a new holiday and call it Pacific Islander Day.  People in New Zealand will get to have their day off and there will be no school. They can do anything they want and they can celebrate in anyway they want. They will try all sorts of of new island food from different islands and best of all they will spend time together doing fun things.


  1. Hey Stella,
    If I can do anything then can I go to the shop and get some lollies and some other stuff from the wearhouse for free?

    I just wanted to know because it would be weird because you can do anything you want.

    Great Blogging
    Keep it up

    Jerome :)

  2. Hi Stella and Jerome,

    It's great to read about your ideas for a national holiday! I was just writing to Lusia and she had a really similar idea for her national holiday. Perhaps the two of you could get together and co-design the day! It sounds like Jerome would be interested in celebrating it with you as long as he was able to eat some lollies :)

    I really like to see your creativity shine through, Stella!

    Keep up the great work with your blogging. You still have another day for the journey so there is plenty of time to log and blog with us! I'll look out for more of your great blogs.

    See you soon!

    Rachel :)