Friday, 15 April 2016

Fathers Farewell

On a hot Sunday morning I had to wake up early because I was going to a farewell at my parish church. St. Pius X for the priest Father Iosevo, he was retiring and the church community was going to be there.

While in the church Father Iosevo ended the mass with a blessing. People walked with him to the school hall and he had to sit at the front table which was prepared for him. Then some people from the community sang a song.

After they sang Father stood up and blessed the food. As everybody ate the Fijians did a dance then the Samoans did a dance. I mostly liked the Samoan dance because the actions were awesome.
At the end of the 2 dances a Tongan girl danced to a Tongan song.

I knew he played a remix be cause it changed from song to song by itself and Put a ring on it by Beyonce. Then it changed to a different song and then my dad told me that he had to go to a meeting at this Tongan priest’s house. My dad left and came back at 12:00 clock.

I liked it when we went to the hall. I was happy and glad I saw Alan because he’s the only one that plays with me. At last I fell asleep. My favourite thing about father’s farewell was eating.

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