Friday, 15 April 2016

The man next door

The man next door

On a thundery night my family and I stayed home because it was raining all night and there was a storm going on. While we stayed inside we all watched movies on Netflix. During the movie my brothers, sisters and parents fell asleep.

I was the only one that was awake. I was about to go to bed but then I heard a door unlock. When I went to look there was a man standing in the living room with a gun in his hand.

The man pointed the gun at my parents and I ran quietly behind the man and kicked him in the mouth and his jaw broke. The man fell down bleeding I tied him to a chair and then duct taped him. I called the police and the police called the ambulance.

Once the man’s jaw was fixed he had to tell us who he worked for or else he went to prison instead of jail. He didn’t tell us so we all went home while the policemen take the man to prison.

When we were on our way home we stopped at KFC but it was closed so we went to a pizza shop called Dominos. When we got home the cops were still figuring how the man unlocked the door. My parents didn’t believe there was a gun but they saw me carrying the gun to the police men.

When we all got home my sisters were angry because they had to clean the mess up. I fell asleep but when I was sleeping I had nightmares about the man who came into family’s house. I dreamt of the man where he was about to shoot me. He took off the mask he was wearing and the person I saw was a man I lived next to.

The man said he worked for a evil man. I was shocked to hear that he worked for my father.I screamed when the man shot my leg and I woke up to go and sleep with my sister’s but they weren’t there, so I went to my parents but they weren’t there either.

I went to the living room and they were all sleeping on the floor. I was relieved because they were all safe. I went and slept on the couch with my sister and no stranger ever walked into my house, in real life or in my dreams.

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