Monday, 18 December 2017

Summer Learning Journey: Week 1 Day 1 Activity Two: Setting Sail

Activity 2: Setting sail
The first settlers to come to New Zealand must have been really brave! They had to leave their original homes and sail thousands of miles across the ocean on a special boat called a ‘waka’ to reach New Zealand.

Imagine that you were on board one of the wakas. On your blog, write a short letter to a friend telling them about your voyage to New Zealand. In the letter be sure to tell them how you feel about moving to a new country. If it was me, I would have felt really nervous…

Dear Aaliyah,
I am presently in a Waka and on my way to New Zealand. 
I am very nervous but thrilled at the same time.
I do wish you could be here with me.

Safe regards
Maris Stella

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  1. Hi again Maris Stella, thanks for writing the letter, you have made a really good start. Could you tell me a bit more about the journey. I would love to hear about the weather, the waves, the sea creatures or the food.

    Thanks, can't wait to hear some more.