Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Summer Blogging

Activity 1
Think about your school and what you typically do in a day. Compare it with the diary from the German student. What is similar? What is different? In your blog, tell us:
  1. Whether you would rather go to school in New Zealand or in Germany
  2. Why you feel that way
I would rather go to school in New Zealand. In German schools you might have to speak the language and you might not know how to speak German. What is different is that they have different areas to learn from.

1 comment:

  1. Guten tag Maris-Stella!

    I think I would rather go to school in New Zealand too.. It's tempting to have a school day that finishes at 1pm, but I enjoy school too much here in New Zealand! I agree about the language barrier, that could be quite challenging to overcome. It would definitely make it difficult to learn.

    I do quite like that in the German school day they learn different languages though, I wish they did more of that in our schools. Do you learn about different languages at St Pius? I remember learning a little bit of Maori and Japanese years and years ago, but that's about it.

    Great effort today Maris-Stella, keep going :-)