Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Summer Blogging

Activity 1
On your blog provide a short review of the video from your country. In your review please tell us:
  1. The name of the television show
  2. What you liked about the show
  3. What you didn’t like about the show
The show that I watched was called icarly episode 3. I liked that how they were creative and made the corn a family. What I didn’t like was when Carly’s brother Spencer said that he couldn’t crush the corn and he ended up crushing it anyway.


  1. Hi Maris Stella,

    I am so pleased to read that you watched the iCarly episode. I had never seen the show before this summer and I was really hoping that someone else would watch it and rate it. I also enjoyed the fact that they were so creative but Spencer was quite mean, wasn't he? I definitely would have saved the corn and not crushed it.

    Speaking of corn, my family always eats corn on the cob at Christmas time. Do you and your family enjoy eating corn-on-the-cob? When I lived in Canada we lived on a dead end street and there was a large paddock at one end. The farmer who owned the paddock often grew cobs of corn in the field and we used to play hide 'n seek amongst the stalks. It was really fun!

    I hope that you're having fun this holiday. I'm having a great time reading all of the awesome blogs. There are so many blogs that I'm actually struggling to keep up. It's wonderful!

    On that note, keep up the great work, Maris Stella. I'm already looking forward to reading your next blog :)

    Cheers, Rachel

  2. Hey Maris Stella,

    What a great review I would like to watch icarly to. Great work keep it up.

    Happy Holidays :)